West end Mansion MARCH 2005

Guests at our first party of 2005 were greeted to the Robert Adam mansion in the West End by a beautiful harpist peforming in basque and suspenders. Over 250 partygoers sipped champagne and cocktails and mingled for several hours between the open log fires, the vast gilt-edged mirrors and the glittering chandeliers. Around 11.15 the keenest swingers graduated up the towering, rose strewn stairway towards the playrooms on the first floor. At the same time the first of the DJs took to the tables and upped the atmosphere.

The main playroom centred on a specially constructed bed 20 x 14ft covered in pink satin that was in continuous use by sometimes more than 60 people for over 6 hours. Club seats on the fender of an open fire were also crowded throughout the night.


Thankyou for a great party on Saturday which we both think was fantastic!! The venue was extremely grand and befitting of all that we have come to expect from Fever. The “play” rooms were superb with their different sizes and that leant itself to various moods and atmospheres.

As for some very small constructive criticism we felt that yes it was a little cold in places (but not in those that mattered!!). The toilets also lacked a little in cleanliness and decor! We also thought that the positioning of the bar meant that the corridors were always packed and that with the area for glass washing on a different level that the bar crew were under a bit of pressure. There was also quite a bit of broken glass around the bar and stair area which wasn’t good for the bare footed!!

The positives FAR outweigh the negatives….the music was perfect, not intrusive in the play areas and loud enough in the main hall area. The people there,and lets face it the most important factor, where superb. A great mix and all very sexy!! The venue spot on as always. The staff were polite,helpful and sexy!! The doorstaff who greeted us were polite and explained the wait for admittance. To summarise we think it was a great success and that the initial teething problems will, we know, be corrected for next time. As members of Loungeparties we have been singing the praises of Fever to all who would listen. We cant wait for the next party and will DEFINATELY be applying. We will also be joining ClubFever. Thankyou for the best party we have ever attended!!
[Regular Couple, 33 & 27]

Both [female partner] and I had a super time, and look forward to many more occasions such as last Saturday. In fact we would like to go to the party in Ibiza. It is so nice being surrounded by so many young fit & attractive people. Thanks for all your work.
[First timers, 36 & 32]

We just would like to say thank you so very much for the party on Saturday. It was absolutely mindblowing. We left at four in the morning and looked around for you to thank you in person, but as we didin’t find you then we would like to thank you now, by email instead.

We met and played with several other sexy couples and had an absolutely amazing time. The night was a perfect combination of all our best past adventures and encounters, both sexual AND social, all wrapped into one great glamorous, friendly and fun party. We were both so impressed by the selection of attractive, stylish and sexy guests you had assembled. One can tell you have put a lot of effort into to the selection process, which is the basis for a success of such an ambitious night like this.

We (and all other people we spoke to, including that nice girl from [woman’s magazine]) were also very impressed with all the decorations as well as the choice of music. Such details are key to maintaing that luxurious and sexy amthmosphere at the parties…

The only area where we felt there could be room for improvement was the bar. Really nice, friendly and professional staff, but unfortunately they ran out of both drinks and glasses on several occasions. But besides this minor issue, we had the most amazing Saturday night in our lives ever! Thank you again. We just can’t wait til your next event…

We are now back in Sweden. {Female] is moving here too, as my new company is now set up, but we’re keeping her flat in London too for when we’re over there. We will be in London a lot. And with Fever, we now have the most exciting reason to visit regularly.

On this note – we have decided to apply for founder membership of Club Fever as per the invitation in the envelope we were give when we left. Finally, we are thinking of joining you in May at Ibiza. Are there still rooms available at either of the villa options?
[New couple, 35 & 29]

A big thank you to everyone at Fever for a wonderful and very eye opening
experience! I met some great people and had so much fun ! re feedback I can only really say wow! A bit of constructive criticism could be that downstairs was very cold which was a bit uncomfortable in skimpy outfits and that there was no white wine (personal favourite)- otherwise only good things to say and a few of my more open minded friends are very intrigued themselves! I sent you a message earlier about Club Fever and how it’d work for a single so would be grateful for more information there Thanks again for a great time and all your help. Roll on next time!
[First time single female, 26]

We just wanted to say a quick thanks for the party on Saturday night. We had an absolutely excellent time and were amazed at both the expert organisation and also the high level of talent among the other party-goers. This was our first experience like this and we wonder how it will ever get any better. With your permission, we will definitely look to attend further parties in the near future and also hope to join Club Fever at a later date. Once again, thanks for the experience.
[First timers, 35 & 29]

Just wanted to say thank you very much for letting me come to the Fever party on Saturday, which was incredible. I feel a twinge of regret that I didn’t have the balls to go the extra inch, yard, mile. What a safe and fun and sexy environment. I’ve been to a few swinging parties as a journo, yours was the first commercial one that has actually made me want to dive in.
[Female journalist, 30]

I would like to thank you so very much for allowing me into your party. It was fantastic! though I really have no words to describe how I feel now, other than liberated and hungry. Pleease may I attend your next one in London?
[Furst time single female, 33]

We wanted to say a big congratulations and thank you for Saturday. We had
our best time yet at one of your events (although that seems to be something
we’ve said almost every time 🙂 ). Temperature in the basement aside, we thought the venue was magnificent, particularly the effort that had gone to set dressing the play areas.

Most of all, though, the crowd were without a doubt the sexiest bunch we’ve had the pleasure of being in an enclosed space with, bar none. Given the electric atmosphere and scenes upstairs, it is tough to believe that half the partygoers were new to Fever.

We were a little apprehensive that the ‘under new management’ Fever would change the feeling of the event, but we were delighted that everything that was good about it before had been captured and kept, and the whole thing just felt more upmarket, and professionally run. Thank you again.

Putting our money where our mouths are, as t’were, our application form for Club Fever is in the post.
[Regular couple, 29 & 32]

Thanks a lot! Unfortunately we didn’t see you when we left the party! So once more via email: congratulation for the party! The venue was perfect and the crowd which was together was just great – [female partner] just had the feeling that there could be more men… Maybe there could have been one more big bed – as ist was unbelievable crowded. By the way: was there some dancing? We do not know, because we where all time busy…

We wanted also talk to you about the party in Ibiza. We would be interested to join and are just figuring out whether we can find the right flights… Can you tell us as soon as possible whether we are accepted, so that we can do our travel arrangements? Are there still places for all options (Villa and hotel)?

We would also be interested to become a club fever member (overseas member).
Is there a special rate for overseas reserve members? Do we have to send the
application form?
[Regular couple from Munich, 39 & 39]

We just wanted to say that our very first Fever party was amazing. We had a fabulous time. The venue was perfect – the music, drinks, décor and most of all, the people were all beautiful and a good night was had by us both !!! Can’t wait till the next one.
[New couple, 33 & 25]

Wow, Saturday night was the best Fever party I’ve been to so far. I loved the elegant Gothic feeling venue (although it did make for cold, draughty bathrooms), and the usual friendly, fun atmosphere remained despite more people attending. My only complaint is that I didn’t get to play with the two gorgeous, 20 year old students!

Thanks for another brilliant evening. Oh, and just how big was that
[Regular couple, 25 & 24]

Thanks for a great party,reallyastonishing place.you always surprise us with your drama skills. Already looking forward to Next party
[Regular couple from Stockholm, 39 & 32]

Thank you very much for a wonderful party on Saturday night. We had a fabulous time. Despite being a little chilly in places, the venue was really impressive. We met a whole bunch of interesting and exciting people and are very much looking forward to the next one.
[Regular couple, 30 & 26]

It feels mildly amusing to be sitting down and politely writing a thank-you note after last night’s party… whatever would my mother say?

Anyway, congratulations on hosting such an amazing evening. As first timers, we have nothing to reference it to, so can only say that if this is the future of Fever (or even the present) then we’re in.

From the moment we left a rather nervous taxi-ride behind we had fabulous (and mind-blowing) evening. The venue was superb, the atmosphere electric, with sparks of sexual tension searing between the guests almost from the first moments. Yet everyone was friendly and relaxed, and after a couple of glasses of champagne, we drifted upstairs and freed ourselves to an evening of previously unknown sensuality.

After a few hours, the large bed exhibited a Bacchanalian assault on all the senses – truly a sight, sound, smell and touch I will never forget. Everything that happened to us was so natural, warm and respectful, and so damned horny, that it was impossible not to be raised to new sexual heights… and impossible at times not to just close your eyes and let the eager hand, mouths and bodies of everyone else there caress and stimulate you to sexual oblivion, over and over. Fabulous.

When’s the next one. We look forward to it, and hope to meet (and maybe play with) some of the team….
[First timers 31 & 31]

Just a quick note to say thank you very much for a fantastic party. It was a fantastic and exciting experience and [male partner] and I enjoyed it immensely. It was the first time for both of us and we were pretty nervous about what to expect but we were quickly re-assured once we got in and the night progressed.

We ended up having a great time in the big play room upstairs and it was everything we had hoped for! I must say that your organisation was friendly and helpful and very impressive to handle such a crowd of decadent hedonists! Once again many thanks for a wonderful time, one which we hope to experience
[First timers, 39 & 35]

Well the “feat of engineering” certainly worked. WOW what a bed and what a night, we hope you had a little time to enjoy the fruits of your labour! Fever just gets better and better, it was good to see a few familiar faces and to meet some new ones. The night was everything we could have hoped for and more. Looking forward to the next one already and hopefully getting over to Ibiza for what looks to be an amazing time.
[Regular couple, 33 & 28]

What an amazing evening. Sex, sex and er, more sex. What better way to spend a Saturday night? Ladies, if you’re single or fancy sneaking away from your man, come to Fever. Despite being apprehensive about coming alone I felt completely calmed (and a little hyperactive) after downing a few luscious vodka-lychee drinks. Bloody marvellous touch. I spent most of the night with [deleted] who were the most gorgeous couple – and fabulous in the bedroom. I also have to say that [hostess](organiser) is absolutely phenomenal. Shame I didn’t catch the names of everyone I met but you were all great! Please put me on the waiting list for the next party. There’s no way I want to miss out.
[First timer single female 24]

A quick note to say thank you very much indeed for Saturday night. We both had been quite apprehensive but had a thoroughly cool evening; we were really impressed by the way that your staff made the evening run so smoothly and by the atmosphere that everyone created. It seems all your excellent press is absolutely on the mark… We hope to be asked
again soon!
[First timers 26 & 30]

We enjoyed the night very much. It was our first time doing anything like this and did not know what to expect. However we were very comfortable during the evening (and early morning !). Well done on such a successful event !!
[First timers 27 & 24]

Thank you for a memorable experience at our first Fever Party. We would definitely like to attend future parties and we are still talking about that bed and how we had so much fun on it! The best was the people there and the atmosphere. Similar people enjoying the same things. No trouble, plentiful alcohol, and a very sensuous setting. Thank you and we would like to attend future Fever parties.
[New couple, 30 & 31]

Party was a very enlightening experience. We were amazed to see so many
people doing what we had only fantasised about. The main play room was fantasic, the bed was mind blowing. After an intial period of relative shyness we both felt comfortable and enjoyed the experience (I didn’t want to leave and couldn’t believe it was 05:30 already).

I wish we had made more of the initial period downstairs, we just observed really at the beginning and could have socialised more to find out about like minded people. Music was great and dancing was a good way to relax and integrate into the party.

We had a great night. It certainly provided the environment for us to live out our fantasies and we both felt safe and comfortable. We agree this is something we would like to continue and have the opportunity to explore further. We would love to be considered for futher parties and hope to hear from you soon.
[First timers 38 & 28]

I can honestly say [female partner] and I are never usually in awe of situations I
find myself in… but Saturday night was truly mind blowing – Thank you! We have been giggling ever since! We would love to be invited to future parties, and become members if possible, it really was wonderful to meet so many cool, beautiful, open minded and respectful people.
[New couple, 34 & 23]

Sorry I haven’t written before, I was still processing saturday’s events in my mind 🙂 I had a really good time, and would definitely like to come back again if you guys will have me.

It was definitely an experience I’ll never forget, but it took me a couple of days to get used to the flashbacks and the slightly surreal feeling, not to mention to get rid of the hangover (the martinis were amazing). As a first timer, it took me a few hours to really relax and enjoy the party, and learn how to say no to some people, especially as the party was so huge. I think I’d enjoy subsequent events even more, as I’d have a better idea of what to expect, and would be more comfortable with/confident about what I do.

The one thing I did not like, was that at times some men were not particularly subtle or gentle about joining us. Instead of gentle stroking, I had some very direct approaches. They all responded fine to polite rejection, but I would have preferred them to be a little more measured in their approach.

But, overall, I had a great time and will definitely praise Fever in my London Student article! Only joking 🙂 I’m sorry to have disappointed you by not being an undercover investigative journalist! 🙂
[First timer single female 21]