London Summer Party 8th July

Join Fever for our Summer celebration on Saturday 8th July. Revel in our private world of joyous sensuality in the uplifting West End. You can rely on Fever’s sinful selection of sexy couples & single women, our excellent bar, the generous playspace and hours of delightfully decadent deeds.

This is the summer experience you won’t be comparing notes about at work. It’s secret, sexual, sharing and sensational.



* Young, sexy and carefully selected playmates
* Champagne reception with our superb fully stocked bar –  free all night.
* Big Bed for the full experience with hours of sizzling action scenes + smaller spaces for more intimate secretive clandestine liaisons



We throw houseparties in splendid mansions, luxurious penthouses and other uplifting locations. Every one opens with a champagne reception and a free bar runs all night with beers, wines and premium spirits. Luxurious playrooms incite elegance to evolve into eroticism. The centrepiece is our signature Big Bed where dozens of young libertines enact the most exhilarating scenes. Smaller spots entice those who prefer quieter encounters. Fever’s champagne, opulent surroundings and gorgeous sexy people create a magical bubble of security and intimacy. Within that warm embrace, reserve melts away and inner sexuality comes out to play. Houseparties run from 9pm- till the early hours of the morning.



We take over a bar or club, toss in a hot DJ and lay on an upbeat, young and sexy night out – with a fully-bedded Fever playspace and Big Bed just waiting in the next room that’s sure to heave for 3 or 4 hours. The action is every bit as spectacular but you buy your own drinks and we charge only around half as much.

Club Nights are a superb way for curious couples and single women to check our parties out. The venues are vibrant, central (to London) and easily accessible. It’s relatively inexpensive as we keep the headline price as affordable as possible. You get to meet Fever players in a fairly normal environment and, if you wish, find out how lascivious they can be. If that doesn’t take your fancy, our own DJ hits the vibe for dancing, drinking and flirting so you have just a fabulous night out.

Club nights run from 9pm-3am.