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  • Apply for a party date by emailing us photos when you receive our email
  • Our selection panel chooses who to invite
  • Once invited you book by paying online through a secure site


Registration requires full identity disclosure. We verify the bona fides of all partygoers so that everyone has peace of mind that all partygoers are on the level. For this reason we may sometimes require proof of address and/or photo ID.


Photos must be colour, recent and of good resolution, showing faces clearly with no sunglasses, hats, special effects or profile angles.


The selection panel consists of 3 men and 3 women, a mix of organisers and partygoers, and it changes for each event. Decisions apply to that party only. We are looking for partygoers who are under 40, attractive and height & weight proportionate. All partygoers agree to abide by our Party Code, which has a small number of firmly enforced rules. Please read it to understand our expectations and make sure your first evening with us is a success.


The exact location of parties is secret until a couple of days in advance but we will advise you of local hotels.


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