About Fever

Fever Parties are friendly and seductive sex parties for attractive young couples and single women. Since our beginning in 1998 Fever has made the dreams and fantasies of thousands of sexy young people to come true.


We party mostly in the West End of London with good-looking lascivious couples, hot and horny single girls, upmarket venues and a cosmopolitan mix with the accent on play, not just display. Partygoers are selected for looks from the under 40s. We create an intimate sensual ambiance that encourages participation and creates wonderful scenes. Fever is the original exclusive party for young libertines, a perfect introduction for the curious and a treat for the more experienced.

Young & attractive

Fever holds friendly and seductive sex parties for young and attractive sexual adventurers. We have a strict upper age limit of 40 and all partygoers are chosen for good looks from photographs through a selection process. Only real couples and single females may apply. We reserve places for newcomers at every event and extend a special welcome to first-timers. We verify the bona fides of partygoers for everyone’s security and peace of mind. Single men, professional escorts and platonic friends are not eligible.

Cosmopolitan young professionals

Our parties are aimed at young professionals with a cosmopolitan outlook and present an exotic international mix of backgrounds and beauty, colours and cultures. Fun seekers often travel from abroad just to party with us and have flown from every continent to share the Fever experience for a night. After their first Fever experience, one French couple told us:


“On top of the fact that the screening process and the age limit brought together young and attractive people as promised, we were delighted to discuss with Fever members from extremely different countries: we successively met people from Russia, South Africa, Italy, Mauritius, Greece, Australia, Sweden… and even England!”

Tasteful and upmarket

We party in upmarket and upbeat venues in the West End and elsewhere in central London and occasionally in the country. Heading uptown to a plush venue brings a special thrill of anticipation. We carefully craft an intimate sensual ambience to ease meeting and mixing. We believe in tasteful lighting and decor without displays of pornography. We allow nothing distracting, crude or seedy.

Seductive vibe

Our champagne reception and extensive open bar (houseparties only) impart an expansive sense of affluence and fun. Flirting is natural with attractive guests of similar ages and professional backgrounds. Together all our elements – careful lighting, champagne, upbeat surroundings, gorgeously sexy partygoers, lots of appealing playspace – create a magical bubble of sharing and trust.

Sex parties that really are

The unique Fever vibe infallibly leads to hours of group sex and makes it seem perfectly natural at the time. Even more than our people and our places, the action at Fever is what really sets our parties apart. The group scenes, partner swapping, girl/girl encounters, everything from soft swapping to foursomes and moresomes are guaranteed to last for hours at every event. We provide lots of play space that we fill with a high ratio of beds, including our signature Big Bed for spectacular orgy scenarios.

World famous

Fever parties are internationally renowned and have a long established reputation for excellence. We were the first sex parties in the world to select by looks and apply an upper age limit. We were the first in Britain to use upmarket venues, real beds instead of mats on the floor and a decent bar instead of beer cans and wine boxes. Nobody had provided a swinging environment that appealed to graduate 20-somethings before. It gave under 40s the chance for orgiastic sexual adventures among themselves for the very first time anywhere and created an international sensation.

Join us

If you are an adventurous and attractive couple or a sexy single female and you are under 40, you could share unforgettable erotic times with Fever’s young libertines. Your first step is to register.