West End Mansion 17 Feb 2018

In February we offered our guests the uniquely exclusive, upmarket and highly erotic Fever experience. Our very special venue in Marlybone in the very centre of London will host 50 select and sexy young couples & single women, our sparkling reception, the excellent bar, the generous playspace and a long night of scorching scenarios.

In a fine boulevard only 6 mins walk from Oxford Circus, our venue provides a reception area; separate bar; a convenient courtyard for smoking; intimate romping spaces and an awesome main playroom with our Big Bed for watching, being watched and really mixing it up.



* Champagne reception

* Our superb open bar, all free all night. Beers, wines, premium brand spirits including gin, vodka, light and dark rum, whisky, and the full suite of mixers including red bull. All free from the beginning to the end of the party.

* Our Big Bed for the full orgy experience, smaller spaces for more intimate fun and secretive nooks for clandestine liaisons

* Complimentary bottles of water to keep the guests energised as they played

* Condoms and lube supplied

* Young, sexy and carefully selected playmates

* Hours of sizzling action scenes

* Arrivals between 9 and 10pm and the partying finished around 4am



 Join us

If you are an adventurous and attractive couple or a sexy single female and you are under 40, you could join us at the next party.