Valentine’s 2015 saw 108 couples and 8 single girls party Fever-style in a stately Georgian home in Central London.

It started with everyone looking their alluring best and making new friends during the champagne reception in a fine, neo-classical room on the ground floor. With the ice well and truly broken, they moved down into the labyrinthine basement to continue at our free bar and show their moves on the dancefloor. The real show-offs seized the chance to strip off for the hot tub and parade around naked.

As the hour crept towards 11.30, the dancing and flirting boiled over to the physical as couples streamed up through the elegant Adams interior of the house to the playrooms on the first floor. Here, marble mantelpieces and chandeliers overlooked the wide avenue beneath. But as this was Fever, there was also almost 400 sq ft of, well, beds. In the glorious salon at the front was our legendary big bed at over 200 sq ft, with the others arranged through the 10ft high double connecting doors in an adjacent apartment.

It started with the most ardent performing for the delight of couples standing packed around the Big Bed, snogging and groping and exciting each other until the imperative for release became unbearable. With a thunderclap, they cast clothes aside and flooded onto the beds in their dozens in a fury of fucking and flagrant abandon. Fever’s free bottles of water kept their energy levels topped up so nothing distracted them from the pursuit of naked pleasure.

It wasn’t until the sky was lightening to the chorus of chirping birds that the horniest couples climbed off the beds, hunted down their long forgotten party togs and began cramming swollen body parts into undies and lingerie that definitely seemed larger when they put them on yesterday evening.