Surrey Country House Dec 2011

Our Christmas party was an extravagant affair in a luxurious country house in Surrey. For many of our guests – 96 couples and 7 single women – it was a fantasy come true. Our orgy in a British country mansion tempted seven couples to travel from France, Iceland, Italy, Malta and Turkey.

For an hour a procession of cars and taxis filled the long drive and dropped ladies off at the door before parking in the paddock or making the short 3 mile trip back to the nearest station. The C17th listed house was a big family home, not a draughty old palace. It had been expensively refurbished in recent years and was in immaculate condition.

As our guests crossed the threshold we served champagne in the dining room and other drinks in the kitchen. Entering the elegant sitting room and sumptuous drawing room with their flutes of bubbly, couples first warmed themselves by the log fires before meeting, mixing and flirting in earnest.

When spontaneous carnal combustion occurred around midnight, flocks of horny libertines ascended the regency staircase to find four beautiful playrooms with acres of comfy bedspace – and our Big Bed. One of the playrooms had a magnificent double-ended bath on a black granite plinth in the middle that had couples hopping in and out all night. Once the action started it didn’t stop for six hours and the sun was well up before the last lascivious lady dragged her exhausted beau out into the crisp bright winter morning.


My boyfriend, [male partner], and I attended the most recent party. It was a really magical evening and exceded our expectations, we will most definitely be attending again! Thank you so much for a fantastic time! (We’re already looking forward to the next one!)
[New Couple, 25 & 21]

To see you Saturday was extremely nice again. Obviously its always depening on your own mood and expectations on how a night develops and how you look back but for us last Saturday was super nice. In a way a different type of people than we had seen earlier. Maybe it had to do with the venue bot being in London or other reasons. So the venue was very nice. Hope you will be able to use it again at some point. The staff vas very nice and helpful (more than ever in our experience). Nice playrooms and in general just a perfect evening…. As we travel from the Netherlands for the parties we only attend 2 parties a year we cant wait to join again in a few months. For you and the rest of the team we wish you and the rest of the team a great christmas and a happy new year.
[Regular Couple, 39 & 28]

Had a great time at the party and thought the bar men and the guys going around topping up drinks were excellent. Great bunch of people aswell. Would say that the house was initially too cold and needed heating to be warmer as the girls felt the cold.The play rooms were great size and excellent size beds, but the lighting was way too dark, more candles or mood lighting were definately needed. Other than those comments I thought the house and the location and everyone helping staff the party were superb and couldn’t fault it. Great Party. Well done.
[New Couple, 29 & 25]

I’m sure you hear this all the time, but hopefully you don’t get tired of hearing it. Thank you SO much for the amazing party on Saturday. It was a fantastic evening that exceeded all expectations, and they were pretty high to begin with. Having been to various similar events I can easily say this stood head and shoulders above the rest, from the people, staff, facilities, everything. Neither of us could walk normally for a couple of days afterwards but I wouldn’t change a thing! Keep up the great work and really looking forward to a future event.
[New Couple, 39 & 38]

Thanks very much for the superb XXXmas party 🙂 it was classy, sexy and exceeded our expectations! The venue was excellent and created an amazing vibe that put people in a very naughty mood. The Fever team were very welcoming and our friends [New Couple] mentioned that this really helped them feel comfortable. We really liked the availability of multiple big play spaces, they allowed for a much more “orgyish” feel. The volume of hot people also helped, as there was a nice choice of playmates! On a practical note, easy access to bathrooms and lots of water bottles, made a real difference compared to the last venue in London.

The one improvement we could see, which was not a big deal at all – was at the beginning a number of other couples mentioned to us that they were “not allowed to go upstairs yet” which was a clear misunderstanding, as we looked around the play spaces early on, without taking drinks in glasses. Next time being clearer that people are welcome to look around may help. Shame we could not catch up with you, though we did have fun with M*** & S***. We had to leave earlier that expected but really look forward to your next House party!
[Regular Couple, 33 & 27]

Wow, how much fun was your party on Saturday! Rory and I loved it, as we always do at Fever parties. The standard of looks of the guests was outstanding and i’m so pleased you got a good turnout on your first ‘Country’ party. Our only question is ‘When is the next one?!’ We will certainly be flying down from Scotland again for that and probably all the others thereafter! Thank again, you and your team deserve all the recognition you get and more. Very happy Christmas and looking forward to seeing you again soon.
[Regular Couple, 32 & 27]

What a fabulous night we had….thank you to you and your fellow colleagues for making us feel so welcome and so at ease….The venue was beautiful and so were the fellow partygoers..We are totally hooked and cannot wait till the next party…Hope you have a fabulous Xmas and we look forward to a new year of debauchery…
[New Couple, 38 & 31]

Thank you Fever! A beautful house full off beautful people having a great time. You really nailed it this time guys. The Drinks flowed all night! and we loved all of the diffrent rooms to explore. We Cant wait for the next one’ YES PLEASE!!!!!
[Regular Couple, 28 & 37]

The party was great! We especially enjoyed ourselves with [Regular Couple]. Actually we were the last couples to leave the venue… We decided to see each other again but unfortunately we lost their contact details… Could you please help us? We really cannot wait to see them again! Thanks a lot in advance! We wish you a Merry Christmas!
[New Couple, 31 & 31]

Just want to say thank you for a great party, I think it change my life. Amazing experience. I am looking forward to next one.
[Single Female, 26]

Thank you for yet another great party, you really know how to create the right ambience! We had a great time,hope you have a nice and peacful x-mas See you soon.
[Regular Couple, 39 & 32]