Piccadilly Nov 2016

In November we partied at a huge, five bedroom, £17m apartment in St James’s just a few stone’s throws from St James’s Palace and the Ritz. There were four luxury playrooms, one of which was almost filled by our signature Big Bed. Seventy horny young couples and no fewer than 10 questing single women joined us for a night of seductive conversation and sexual abandon.

An amazing upmarket location does wonders for the libido and couples thrilled to check out bedroom after bedroom to see the exhibitionists showing off early before the beds became crowded. Around 11 people started moving through to the playrooms in earnest. By 1120 sex was in full swing in all of them. 20 minutes later the kitchen and sitting room were empty as the playrooms heaved with shamelessly fornicating young bodies.

Highlight of the night was the lesbian eightsome performed by the single women for everyone’s gratification – not least their own!

If you are an adventurous and attractive couple or a sexy single female and you are under 40, you could join us at the next party. The first step is to register.




Thank you for a truly wonderful night. It was all complete bliss, total beauty. I have to commend you, as ever, on selection of guests. Your strict rules about everyone being great looking are so important.And I want to live it all over again and already looking forwards to next time!
[Regular single female, 33]


Thanks for a great party, as always you deliver!!!!
We always spread the word..
[Regular couple 34 & 35]


I just wanted to let you know how amazing I thought Sat night was. I had so much fun! I’ll definitely bring my partner next time! I ended up taking this couple back to my hotel, much more fun to be had…… Can’t wait for the next party.
[First time single female, 28]