Regents Park NEW YEAR’S EVE 2004

In the past we always avoided holding parties on traditional celebrations. But after half a year entertaining a hundred couples a month, we felt there were enough who would be interested in splashing out on a New Year’s Eve extravaganza. We were right. 6 single women and 46 couples, including one who flew from Tel Aviv, joined us in one of London’s most exclusive enclaves for what must have been the most glamorous and most torrid NYE party in London that night. It was black ties all round, with cocktails, hot & cold canapes and, after everyone had worked up an appetite, a champagne breakfast at 4am.



Thank you for a fantastic night, one we will remember for a long time. It’s probably the horniest new year’s eve we ever had. The venue was amazing, such a gorgeous house, great to see some familiar faces that we hadn’t seen for some time. Everyone looked so smart and were all in a good party mood. I can honestly say that the threesome we had was totally mind blowing, I surely lived out my fantasy:-) boy she was hot and the three of us sparked off one another, it was truly amazing.

So once again, thank you for organising such a fabulous night, hope that you all had fun too. Count us in for the March and May dates, would not want to miss that for the world! The bar staff were excellent, very attentive and not pushy or annoying. Would Fever be interested to doing a party in Amsterdam as well? Anyway, keep in touch, we both look fwd to seeing you guys at the next Fever party.
[Regular couple, 27 & 32]

We just wanted to say thankyou for a great New Year’s Eve. We were made to feel really welcome by you nd the rest of the Fever team and had a gorgeous time and met some beautiful people. We would love to know about future Fever events, and hope to see you soon,
[New couple, 27 & 30]

Thanks for arranging the party New Year’s Eve. It was a really great night and definitely solved the problem of what to do. We met some really nice couples although as usual didn’t get to play with all of them and have a very patchy recollection of names! In particular [deleted] were really good fun – can’t think of anything I’d rather have been doing on the stroke of midnight than watching [female partner] and that stunning Russian beauty [deleted] playing together and I’m sure [other male partner] feels the same way!

We also played with another couple for quite a while who were great but I’m afraid I can’t remember her name (this is *definitely* no reflection at all on her as I had a *really* good time with her!) – his name was [deleted] we think. And there were several other couples who we met along the way and then somehow never ended up playing with – ah well, we can save those for another Fever party 😉 – the couple with the surfer van, the muscley guy and cute girl with flirty glittery eyes, the lovely couple on the sofa in the main lounge… and so many others!

The house was stunning so would particularly like to thank [host and hostess] for sharing with us. Great location, superb decor and decoration for the evening. And particular liked the Lychee Martini’s – a really nice touch for doing James Bond impressions while wearing evening dress! So once again thanks and let’s hope 2005 is as good as 2004 was…
[Regular couple, 32 & 32]

Thanks so much to you all for organising another fantastic party!! A brilliant way to spend new year and we look forward to further parties in 2005!
[Regular couple, 38 & 28]

bonjour, first [female partner] and l would like to wish you a fantastic new year 2005 full of good time and very good parties. then we would like to thank you for the party in regent’s park where we had a fantastic time and a very good fun. evrything was good, from when we arrive until when we left, every body was very nicely dressed and undressed. now we know what we are planning to do for the new year’s eve 2005. please let us know when is the next party with fever or another one but with the same level of qualities as we would love to come back again and again (and especialy to fever). we look forward to reading from you and once again l wish you and all the fever’s team all the best for the year coming.
[First time couple, 32 & 30]

Beautiful house, exciting people, great waiters … what more could we have asked for? Thank you for a well organised and very sexy New Year’s Eve party that will not be forgotten soon.
[Regular couple, 39 & 34]

It was a very entertaining NYE party indeed, I enjoyed it a lot. So much that I don’t remember why I had many bruises the morning after… If you have any idea, please feel free to let me know 😉 I can’t wait for the next Fever party, it’s a torture to make us wait so long… But I’m sure you will make it worth waiting for.
[Regular single female, 27]

happy new year! Thank you for the amazing New Year’s Eve Party, we had an absolutely awesome time. Again, we were amazed and overwhelmed with the gorgeous selection of people – and we can’t wipe the smiles off our faces as we keep thinking about the night. we can’t wait for the dates for 2005, for some more outstanding, sexy parties.
[Regular couple, 26 & 35]

We really enjoyed the manificent party,as always you make us feel welcome and share great hospitality.
[Regular couple, 39 & 32]

Thank-you for another top party, again well organised and a very sexy crowd. Both [female partner] and myself had a great night, and look forward to partying with you guys in 2005.
[Regular couple, 39 & 37]

thanks for organising a great party on Friday. It was a terrific way to ring in the new year and we really enjoyed the various people we met. The location was truly impressive, and having it be black tie was a wonderful idea – it added a real element of glamour and people looked even better than usual.
[Regular couple, 34 & 35]

Many thanks to you and your team for throwing a great party… we found the people beautiful, well behaved, considerate and sexy! We look forward to the next party and would loved to be kept up to date! anyways once again thanks!
[New couple, 39 & 30]

The party was fantastic, outstanding, worth every minute. Good atmosphere, nice people,very good alcohol and excellent sex. So [female partner, 4 months pregnant] and I would like to thank you and we would be more than glad to receive further notifications regarding future events. Many thanks again and looking forward hearing from you
[New couple from Israel, 38 & 34]

thanks for organising such an awesome New Year party!
[Regular couple, 34 & 26]

Many thanks for allowing us to come and party with you and we look forward to hearing and seeing you soon in the new year.
[Regular couple, 29 & 26]

Thank you for a fantastic New Year’s Eve – definitely and without exception a very sexy way to end one year and start another. From the exotic cocktails on arrival to the champagne breakfast via countless incredibly sexy people and mind blowing situations it was a night to remember! For me, the end of 2004 with two men and the start of 2005 with two women is a very pleasant memory indeed!

Special mention must go to our friends [deleted], [deleted] and [deleted]. It was really great to spend New Year’s Eve with friends and playmates old and new. The house was fantastic – thanks [host]! Happy New Year!
[Regular couple, 26 & 27]

Thanks so much for another fabulous party. Well done to you all for pulling it off (so to speak). I hope that you managed to find some time to relax and enjoy the evening yourselves after such hard work. The service was as professional as we’ve come to expect and the little details such as balloons on the ceiling were lovely. It was really wonderful to see everyone looking so well-turned out, don’t you think? The crowd seemed to be older but I suppose that’s a function of the financial requirements for hosting a party of such calibre, not to mention on the busiest night of the year…?
[Regular couple, 25 & 31]

It all seems like such a long time ago already, but we just wanted to say a
huge thank you to the Fever team for all the hard work that obviously went
into the New Year’s Eve party. The house was gorgeous as was everyone there.

The memories that we took away with us certainly won’t fade, and I have to
say that seeing the new year in, whilst playing with another two couples
upstairs, was just a fantastic experience – beats a fireworks display any
[Regular couple 37 & 23]