Piccadilly August 2015

Our first August party in 10 years convened in an amazing £17.5 million flat, just off Piccadilly and within sight of The Ritz. 50 couples and five single women joined us for a sultry night of forbidden lust in London’s most elite and expensive enclave. At one point all five single girls has a scene together on the Big Bed, hemmed it by an appreciative and fornicating audience. With a perfect mix of Fever ingredients our partygoers bounced those beds until 5am.

Fever’s founders early figured out that upmarket venues and upbeat events tends to liberate feminine libidos. Generally, men find it easier to factor out jarring notes and focus in on their sexual satisfaction. But women, even the highly sexed and sophisticated young graduates who typically come to Fever, more often require a more holistic experience – they need every factor in the formula to be just right before they feel able to unleash the rampant side of their sexuality. Factors such as an uplifting neighbourhood, a venue that makes them go ‘Wow!’, sensual smells, alluring lighting and the absence of anything that spoils the mood such as ugly people, coarse behaviour, disrespectful men and disapproving women. Get the formula right and, as Fever has been proving since 1998, the results can be awesomely spectacular.

You can’t get a more affluent and upmarket part of Britain than Piccadilly and St James’s and it had exactly the effect the Fever formula would predict. Couples were open-mouthed at the venue, just a stone’s throw from Green Park tube station. To help our young guests mix with the dozens of potential playmates, we provided free champagne. So much champagne in fact that it never ran out despite the party running until 6am. But all the other drinks were free all night too, the JD, the vodka, the Baccardi, the gin, the rum, the scotch, the beer. Together, all this created an expansive ambience of affluence and anticipation that melted away everyday cares and left couples tingling with erotic expectation. Every drink, every flirt, every look could lead to a mind-exploding sexual combination within minutes.

Even by Fever standards this was a good-looking crowd. The three quarters of the couples who were already Fever-lovers led the dazzling new talent through the thrilling narrative of a Fever party. It goes something like this:
Nerves outside; ‘whatever-happens-I’ll-still-love-you ‘; hearts-in-mouth and press the buzzer; pretty and cheerful at the door; ‘Oh she seems nice. And normal’; cloakroom; loo; change shoes and make presentable; ‘Would you like some champagne?’; ‘Mmmm this is nice. Shall we look round?”; ‘What a fantastic place!’; ‘Look at the size of that bed!; ‘I fancy them’; ‘What about them over there?’; ‘Love her outfit’; ‘Is this your first time?’; ‘More champagne?’; ‘You’re very beautiful. What are you looking for?’; ‘I’m here by myself. Are you into girls?’; ‘You look fantastic! Where did you get that dress?’; ‘More champagne?’; ‘Someone’s started on the Big Bed’; ‘Let’s have another look round’; ‘They were really showing off’; ‘Hello again!’; ‘I really like them’; ‘Have you seen what’s happening in the playrooms ?’; ‘More champagne?’; ‘JD and coke for me please’; ‘Let’s go and watch’; ‘Feeling so horny now’; ‘Would you like to join us?’; ‘Here we go!’; ‘I can’t believe we’re doing this!’; ‘Let’s get a drink and catch our breath’; ‘We saw you in the playroom. You have a wonderful body’; ‘ What can I get you?’; ‘We love your hair’; ‘This is so much fun!’; ‘Have you ever had a threesome?’; ‘Hello again’; ‘Vodka and cranberry please’; ‘Would you like to go through with us?’; ‘Let’s try that thing we talked about’; ‘Someone throw me a water bottle!’; ‘My knees can’t take anymore’; ‘Time to chill out over a drink or two’; ‘It was so nice to meet you. Please keep in touch’; ‘No need to rush, there’s hours to go yet’; ‘See you at the next one!’; ‘I’m bursting to tell someone’; ‘That was incredible’; ‘Do you think there’ll invite us back?’; ‘I keep getting flashbacks from last weekend; ‘I told her and she’s officially the most envious girl on Earth right now’; ‘Oh, that feels nice. Do you remember at Fever when we…”