West End mansion April 2015

Eighty couples and 8 adventurous single women cavorted at our final party at our West End mansion. We laid on so much champagne that we never ran out. For the last time couples marvelled at the faded grandeur of the Adams interiors, the lofty mirrors reflecting a starscape of candles as they towered up from august marble fireplaces towards the gloom of the distant ceilings, the fairytale staircase famed from society photoshoots and the aristocratic chandeliers glittering softly above the rich deep carmine sheets of our world famous Big Bed orgy arena


It went like this. Champagne broke the ice in the ballroom on the ground floor.The bubbly fuelled a delving into every classical corner of the extraordinary venue by excited couples with new friends. Gradually everyone found their way to the basement bar for drinking and dancing while contemplating a gaggle of single girls frolicking naked in the adjoining hot tub. When that became too arousing, some stripped off and took the plunge too. At around 11.20, others wandered to the Big Bed in the C18th century salon on the first floor, the place to see and be seen. There are always exhibitionists who like to perform before anyone is ready to join in – that way, all eyes are on them. First one couple. Then three. Then seven with two together. More watchers arrived. The space around the bed filled with couples holding, hugging, clinching, feeling. Rubbing. Whispering. More couples arrived together and piled straight onto the huge expanse of expectant linen, lingerie shooting this way and that, their newly exposed skin immediately bronzed by the candlelight. Breasts bounced and bottoms bobbed. Suddenly, there were enough couples on the bed that it seemed out of place to stand up. For a few minutes the mood poised on the cusp. Then that indefinable crux in the vibe was reached, sexual combustion sparked and we transitioned spontaneously from party to orgy. Within minutes the bed was heaving and almost everyone in the building was in flagrante delicto. The Fever effect. It was 11.40pm


Some couples took breaks and retired to the bar to refresh and find new playmates or chill out in the hot tub. Others took advantage of the hundreds of complimentary waterbottles we give away in the playrooms, to wander from bed to bed or simply roll around the Big Bed to find more mischief. After four hours, with the orgy still roaring upstairs the hot tub was humming and so were the beds surrounding it. It wasn’t until 6am that we finally bade adieu to that remarkable haven of haute-bourgeois licentiousness.