London Nightclub June 2016

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18th Birthday Party


On Saturday 23rd January Fever comes of age. Exactly 18 years after our very first sex party for attractive young couples we are throwing a special celebration. You’ll never be invited to an Eighteenth like this again.

First, we are taking over a major London nightclub. It is one of our favourite venues and our partygoers love it.

Second, we are slashing our prices to an absurd £70 per couple and negligible £35 for single girls. You buy your own drinks. Reasonable prices guaranteed.

Third, we lay on a brilliant DJ.

Fourth, we provide a massive play room with our Big Bed and others right next to the bar and dancing area. It has to be seen to be believed.

Fifth and finally, we fill the club up to 100 young and attractive couples chosen from photographs and anything up to 10 sexy single females, all lured by the opportunity for group sex, exhibitionism, girl/girl action and partner swapping in a private, safe and totally shameless environment where it is perfectly normal to do such things.

Places are reserved at every Fever Party for new couples and single women to share our incredible scenes. If you want to experience Fever for yourself, your first step in joining our 18th Birthday Party is to register with us below