Piccadilly Dec 2015

60 couples and 6 single girls revelled at the 2015 Fever Christmas party in the plush West End apartment with four playrooms, one filled with our signature Big Bed, that we used for our August party. 25 of the couples were new, which made a terrific mix of willing and eager with confident and experienced. And one of the couples was all-female (marrying next year – many congrats!).

Everyone had such a good time in the normal sense the word that this was one of the very rare Fever parties where not everyone jammed the playrooms at 11.30 on the dot. Twosomes, threesomes and moresomes broke out in the smaller playrooms and around the edges of the Big Bed but strangely it wasn’t covered in naked bodies. Until just after midnight, when one woman told us she and her partner would love to show off in the middle of all that inviting bedspace but it was slightly too chilly to strip off! The aircon was adjusted and within moments Fever normality was resumed, the bar and reception areas emptied and the Big Bed was two or three deep in caressing, licking, sucking, fucking young couples, shamelessly sharing and showing off their well-practised carnal cavortions.

If you are an adventurous and attractive couple or a sexy single female and you are under 40, you could join us at the next party. The first step is to register.