The centrepiece of our 4-month 10th Anniversary Season was our 10th Birthday Party, exactly 10 years to the weekend after our first in 1998.

70 couples and 16 single women celebrated this auspicious anniversary in lavish and debauched style. To add to the spectacular 30th floor venue and extra lashings of champagne and chocolate, we added our superlative DJ from our Open House nights. He’d never played an orgy before but he did a superb job. The vibe downstairs was so happening that the inevitable sexual combustion was delayed until almost midnight.

When it exploded all 4 bedrooms filled up and stayed packed for hours – but the dancing, mixing and flirting carried on downstairs. The big bed had never been so full at this venue and so many people wanted in on the action that the carpet, walls and floor-to-ceiling windows were also crowded with people entering into the Fever spirit. With the reception room so lively, many more people than usual stayed later, often disappearing back upstairs for another adventure before retiring exhausted for the night. By 5am almost everyone was worn out, including the 7 guys and 2 girls of the Fever team after a 3 hour rush at the bar…but four hardcore couples piled back onto the big bed for a final hour of fun.

We invited along some of the people who were first involved so they could see how amazingly Fever has developed. They couldn’t believe the standard of the venue, the youth of the guests, the professionalism of our barmen but most of all how many single women come to Fever these days. So many that we began a new programme for them to meet together over a drink beforehand with a single female Fever organizer and all arrive at the party together, to help with those last minute nerves.


I had a wonderful time on Saturday and would love to be considered for future parties. It all feels a little like a dream now, and reading the update on your website reminded me that I didn’t make it up!
[First-time time single woman, 25]

I just wanted to say that [male partner] and I had an amazing time on Saturday night. As it was our first experience of this nature we were a little apprehensive at first but after a few glasses of champagne everything felt so normal! All of the hype is right – it was all about beautiful people in a beautiful venue enjoying a fabulous experience. Once again thank you very much, please keep me informed of the next party (and hopefully I won’t have to work the next day after that one!) Keep up the good work!
[First-time couple, 28 & 27]

Saturday night, for [male partner] and I, was indeed truly memorable!! Having been to an Open House before (April 2007) we finally had the opportunity (and plucked up the courage!!) to attend one of your parties. I am so so pleased we did. The venue was stunning. The staff were friendly and welcoming. The atmosphere was electric. I found myself extremely nervous before we walked through the door but … thirty floors up with a glass of champagne in my hand, a view to die for, and over 70 beautiful couples … I felt at ease immediately. Almost straight away we recognised a couple from the open house … and soon settled in ….. our first Fever experience….amazing!! The second was not long to follow and even more fantastic! Thank you so much for inviting us and please invite us back! Please can you pass on my email address to [regular couple] (that’s all we know I’m afraid!) as we would like to thank them personally for making our night! Thanks again… we hope we’re invited to the next one!
[First-time couple, 24 & 24]

Both [single female friend] and I had an amazing time! As I’m sure you know since we were there until the very end. I honestly don’t think there’s anything more you could have done to make it better. I would indeed like to come back again. Do you host at any other places? I heard so many wonderful stories of other venues from the other couples. Thanks again for a wonderful time, it was lovely tomeet you and everyone else who made it such a great night. xx
[First-time single woman, 26]

Terrific party last night. One of the all time best we thought. More people plus DJ (at just the right level of sound) made it a great atmosphere from straight off. We were going until 5am!
[Regular couple, 37 & 37]

Thanks masses for Saturday night. I’d forgotten what an incredible experience it was. V impressed by all the single girls – “what’s your bloke going to do when he gets back to find you being felt up by the guy in the white jacket?” – “Oh, I’m here on my own!” Love this city. The kudos I present before you knows no bounds. All the very best – and hopefully see you again sooner rather than later
[Regular couple, 32 & 25]

We both had an amazing time at Fever’s 10th Birthday Party last Saturday. Although we were very nervous at first, this quickly dissappeared once we started mingling with the crowd and especially once all the action kicked off in the bedrooms. Once we started getting involved in the different bedroooms there was no going back! It is hard to make any criticism of the night as we were pleasantly surprised as to how friendly the atmosphere was and how curteous and good looking everyone was. There was absolutely no pressure on us to do anything which made it all the better once we took part. As an introduction to swinging, we cannot imagine a better experience. We would be extremely grateful if we could be considered for future aprties as we definately want to be part of the Fever experience again! Thank you for a great time and a night to remember
[First-time couple, 26 & 29]

Thanks again from both of us for another great party! We were particularly happy with the inclusion of Deev on the wheels of steel, providing a funky atmosphere. As it was now our second party, we both shed what inhibitions we had and really got into the ‘swing’ of things 😉 Sadly we won’t be at the party next week, as we’ll be celebrating our wedding anniversary but are both hoping to be around for the next and we believe last party on the 30th and 29th floor?
[Regular couple, 29 & 26]

thanks for a great night and it was certainly one of the better ones in our eyes! Seemed we were milking it right to the end on this occasion. Anyway – a big well done to you guys – the people helping out were excellent as ever and we did enjoy Deev’s music – he did really well. Having DJ’d a bit myself I thought his selection was cool throughout the evening. Our only hope now is that you move back to a more central or west location next!! The taxi rides from South West London and back are the only downside! (but of course well worth it!)
[Regular couple, 36 & 28]

it was a great night, very good looking bunch of people. And the DJ was great too!
[New couple, 32 & 31]

I really enjoyed Saturday night – thank you. I had my doubts before arriving but I can honestly saythat these pretty much disappeared within the 1st halfan hour of arriving. I actually felt very relaxed, mainly because everyone was very friendly and chattytowards me. Some of the couples kindly showed mearound, explained a few thing – generally made me feelvery welcome and comfortable. How I explained it to a couple of my friends the next day was that it all felt so normal so to speak. Just like a really nice house party with extra benefits.

Meeting [single female organiser] and a few of the other singles beforehand really helped. In terms of feedback, I would really recommend this service to any other single girls arriving for the first time. In fact, it doesn’t even have to be a first time. However confident you are or how ever many parties you have been to, it’s probably still nice to walk in accompanied. Another reason I liked this service so much is that if I had walked in alone and I had been introduced to a couple, I think it may have been hard to break away and meet other people. I’m not sure if this makes sense – if not, let me know and I shall expand for you. As it was, I stood with the other single girls and took my time to assess the situation until I felt ready to circulate. I would like to be considered again and hope to attend another Fever party in the near future.
[First-time single woman 27]

[Male partner] and i where at your 10th birthday party which was absolutely fantastic thank you. I have a quick question we would like to come to another party, do we need to go through the application process again. Look forward to hearing back from you and thank you again for a lovely evening.
[New couple, 37 & 27]

Just wanted to pass on our thanks for inviting us to your 10th birthday party. [Female partner] and I had a fantastic time and met some lovely people. We enjoyed it so much we’re thinking of applying for the party on the 9th. If we can arrange a baby sitter that is!
[Regular couple, 35 & 25]

Good morning! A massive thank you for last night, I had an amazing time, met some great and very friendly people. I felt very at ease when I arrived, and it really helped meeting the other single ladies beforehand – I hope to see you again soon. I hope you enjoyed the evening as much as everyone else seemed to! I also wanted to catch up with one of the girls I met there – I didn’t get chance to say goodbye to her, but we got on really well and I wanted to say hi and catch up about last night. Her name is [deleted], she was another of the sigle ladies there. Could you forward my email address to her? Anyway, thanks again for a wonderful evening, will hopefully see you soon.
[New single woman, 25]

We had the most amazing time and are really keen to repeat the experience. I felt that the set up worked well, the lighting was spot on, the people were friendly and fun and the alcohol flowed! The venue was particularly wonderful too and I believe it was good value for money. The thing that stood out most of all is how relaxed it all is – I didn’t feel any pressure to do anything and was far more comfortable with being naked infront of strangers than I thought I would! We would definitely want to be considered in the future. My New Year’s resolution was to try new and exciting things and I feel I have achieved that. (Lots more fun than doing a detox!)
Thanks again for a fantastic evening.
[First-time couple, 28 & 27]

Many thanks for a great time at the party and can’t wait for the next one. Even after having heard/read plenty of positive things about fever, it still surpassed our expectations. We would very much appreciate being considered for more parties in the future. In terms of suggestions, the only thing we could think of is maybe a few more beds? Many thanks for everything and please let us know about the coming parties.
[First time couple, 34 & 25]

Thanks for such a great party on Saturday. [Female partner] and I had a ball. It was her first time and she really wants to come to another one, so job well done hey! I know you spent a while talking to her (the blonde american girl) so you know her feedback. I have been to a few parties before, more private ones in Surrey, but have to say the overall atmosphere was that of a very relaxed and friendly one, perfect for a first timer. The venue was spot on, and it made the whole affair seem a lot more high class, subsiquently less seedy, as some can come accross. The only thing is that she definatly felt like the youngest there to start off, but once the party got going hardly noticed it.

We would both be very pleased and flattered to be considered for future parties, and are planning to come to many more if that proves the case. Many thanks again, you just seem to throw a great well worked party!
[New couple, 27 & 22]

We had such a fantastic time. The high standard we have come to expect from Fever was not only up held but we feel surpassed. Yes the music really did the trick for the in between moments. I love to dance so it was great to have a little wiggle. Im sure you must be getting this from lots of people as I saw a good few people dancing and singing along. A real party atmosphere. It was also really nice to meet some of the founder members of fever. As new comers it was great to say thankyou to those who first broke the mould so the rest of us didn’t have to wait until we were wrinkly to join in. Looking forward to the next exciting installment. Please pass on our thanks to all your staff you were as always friendly, funny and welcoming.
[Regular couple, 36 & 34]

thank you for the great party last weekend! Indeed, it was a memorable night for us! As for things you did right, pretty much everything. People were good looking for sure, but we also had a great time getting to know lots of them. As newbies, we did have a bit of difficulty getting the rhythm right (we were getting to friendly with people, and not naughty enough!) and in the end, we just decided to jump in! That worked perfectly! I’m sure we’ll be better next time around.

We did think at the beginning that they were a bit too many people, but that was true only for the first few hours, so not a big deal. All in all, everything was as good if not better than we anticipated and we had an amazing time! We especially appreciated the relaxed atmosphere in terms of rules, and that things were more or less left to the party goers to make the most of the night. We’d be keen to visit Fever again so if we could that’d be great. Thanks again for all the hard work you and the volunteers put into this event and happy birthday again!
[First-time couple, 30 & 30]

I had a fantastic time Saturday night! Thank you so much=. You did you a marvellous job. It was a perfect venue as well. Everyone was very friendly and kind. I met some lovely people that I hope to meet up again with. Can’t wait to come to another!
[New single woman, 31]

Thanks for a really fun night on Sat – having the DJ there with some good tunes playing made for a really fun and chatty atmosphere. Definitely much busier than NYE! I’m hoping you can help me – [male partner] and I spent some time with a really fun couple that we’d like to contact to say thanks for a great night – do you have the email address for [deleted] please?
[Regular couple, 29 & 32]

Thank you again for having us on Saturday night, it was truly was an amazing evening and something [male partner] and I thoroughly enjoyed and will remember for a long time. The whole experience of the party was electrifying. Everything was more than perfect! Having the opportunity to spend an evening with beautiful people who are like minded and are there to have a good time and what a relaxed atmosphere, just brilliant and something we would like to be apart of, and on that note we would love it if you would consider us for future parties.
[First-time couple, 37 & 27]

thanks for the lovely party this Saturday, we had a great time! We would indeed like to be considered again as we definitely intent to come to future events. The people were exactly the crowd we were looking for, the staff was brilliant and the venue was awesome, the only small downside was that there was not really enough space on the beds. We went upstairs with 2 other couples and tried to get a place on the large bed but ended up in the corner next to the bed as there simply was no space(I have to admit that we probably tried when it was busiest). Anyways we had a lot of fun, so thanks again!
[First-time couple, 27 & 24]

I just wanted to say that I very much enjoyed the party and am looking forward to going to another one in the future. I felt safe at all times and it was very very sexy. Please put us forward to the committee as we would like to attend again. Thanks again!!!!
[New couple 27 & 22, female partner]

Thanks a lot for th invitation. Soryy fo late response, we have been travelling this week. We really had a amazing time last weekend and thought the atmosphere, music, and most importantly people a lot of fun. Pls consider us for for future events and let us know if ther eare any parties coming up.
[First-time couple, 34 & 22]

my night at Fever was excellent and exceeded all my wildest expectations!!! It is a truly unique and unusual event which is remarkable as it was so friendly and welcoming while still being very exciting and different to anything I have ever done before! I would definately like to be considered again, thank you very much for asking and for inviting me to Fever.
[First-time single female, 22]

We really enjoyed our first Fever experience and definitely will want to come again! The venue was fantastic, and the music was great too: good tunes and also good volume – might be a bit geeky to notice that but it is important so you can get to know people a little bit! And importantly, fantastic guests – so many sexy and well-dressed people, as promised! We actually surprised ourselves by how into things we got later on too. A great experience all round.
[First-time couple, 27 & 27]