55 : CANARY WHARF : FEB 2008

Party places good enough for Fever come around rarely enough. So when it came to the seventh and final party of our 10th Anniversary Season, nobody knew when the next party would be. This was a last chance to cram in as much Fever experience as possible for the last time in months – 60 couples and 10 single women seized the opportunity with gusto.

We brought in our favourite DJ to keep the tempo high in the bar area. However around 10.30 while the champagne reception was still in full flow and the dancing was only beginning, couples began sneaking upstairs together and the playrooms swung into action. Soon all 350 sq feet of beds were groaning with frenetic bodies. The bedroom floors were ankle deep in discarded lingerie and yards of the sweat and lipstick smeared glass walls were lined with women determined to copulate in the most flagrant way possible.

With our DJ keeping the vibe lively in the bar, couples tended to drink and chat again after their sessions in the playrooms. Inevitably spirits revived, new couples were met and another hour on the beds seemed like a good idea before heading home.

Finally, as the sun crept higher into the morning sky to reveal the final five couples lazily giving oral sex to each others partners, one Cambridge student chirped up “Do you know, I’ve never had a DP!”. Sandwiched betwen her boyfriend and someone else’s, she thrashed around loudly and passionately for twenty minutes and received an ovation from everyone else afterwards.


I absolutely adored Fever. I think it’s lovely that you go as a couple, and you bring people together – it’s a gorgeous atmosphere. Very much looking forward to the next time I can come.
[First time couple, female partner 25 & 25]

I think what was the most pleasant surprise for me was just how female positive the evening was and by that I mean there’s no feeling of gender hierarchy or that the women or anything happening between them was solely for male entertainment – which is very much how some sex clubs/parties can feel. You can also tell the women want to be there and enjoy sex – it’s just fantastic to have a time/place that’s about sex without labels. However much progress there is in the 21st century, so much of the world still has issue with women who are confident about being sexual for their own pleasure. Fever is refreshing in that regard, really.

I think there was one couple where the woman was not keen being there, they really stuck out, which I found quite interesting when so often the women were living it up and as one said to me “I think my boyfriend feels left out, we should find him!”.

You can also really feel the vibe is sex positive, people aren’t there just to “get laid” (though hey, who’s complaining that it happens? Not I!) it’s just so much more about the enjoyment than the conquest.

Finally, I was just thrilled to meet so many lovely people and have great conversations. In fact the conversation [2 single women] (and I forget the Argentinian girl’s name) had was about the difficulty of being open sexually without being labeled, judged or mistrusted by male partners, society etc. It is true that you get nothing but awe and respect coming as also female to Fever – very empowering and so rare.

It goes without saying that I would be thrilled to be invited to another Fever event, but I also wanted to say to you that I’d be very interested in getting more involved with Fever. I can see it takes a lot of work pulling these parties together and I can honestly say, I think what you’re doing is a great thing. Let me know.
[First time single woman 36]

Just a quick note to say thank you so much for such a brilliant party on Saturday night. Despite an initial worry about everything (we were first-timers), everyone was so relaxed and inviting that it all seemed perfectly natural and easy. The venue was stunning, the organisers were lovely to the core, and the people you had invited were fabulous. Still in a complete daze about the whole thing, which I really don’t want to wake up from! Would adore to come again, if it’s possible to be kept updated.
[First time couple 25 & 25]

Both [female partner] and myself would like to thank you and everyone for what was a truly amazing evening and experience. As newcomers to Fever and the scene, we were quickly made very welcome by yourself and the hosts. As soon as we walked through the door we felt we had value for money. The crowd were beautiful and friendly and the venue was of the highest quality. We would love to be considered for future parties and if selected will definitely be attending again Thanks again, hope to see you soon!
[First time couple 27 & 23]

What can I say?! I can’t believe it’s taken me so long to get to a party, it was absolutely brilliant and (hopefully) when there are more parties, I’d love to come again!! Aside from the fun activities of the evening, everyone I met was just lovely – fantastic crowd! And I have to say, daunting as it may be before the event – going as a single female seems like the best way to go!! And great bar staff as well!! Congrats on what seemed to be a very successful night and thank you very much! You’re fabulous! Thank you. I still can’t get over how nice everyone was, over all great crowd and an amazing night!
[First time single woman 36]

Just wanted to thank you for such an fantastic party the other weekend! [Male partner] and I are still talking about it; it was amazing having the opportunity to act out fantasies that we’ve had for awhile. I also found that many of my remaining inhibitions were gone this time, after having attended a couple of other parties previously – I can only imagine what will happen the next time! Everyone we met was so lovely as well. We really hope you find another venue soon!
[Regular couple 29 & 27]

Thank you so much for an extremely eye opening experience. You have created something very special at Fever. As you know it was our first experience of anything of this kind and it was truly remarkable. We both were a extremly nervous before we arrived but as soon as we got there it all seemed so natural. What struck us both was how ‘normal’ it actually seemed. We stuck to soft swinging for our first experience, to ease us in gently (No pun intended!) [female partner] particularly enjoyed her first experiences with women, whilst [male partner] really enjoyed the group scenes on the big bed upstairs.

As for constructive criticsm. A fairly minor point but we felt like we had to do most of the approaching when we first arrived before it all kicked off upstairs. Not a bad thing I suppose, and we certainly got stuck in. But I guess even when you have been swinging for a while it still takes courage to approach a couple you don’t know, and when your new it is absolutely terrifying! As it was our first time and we didn’t know anybody, it would have been nice to have a few couples come up to us to say hi and welcome and talk about what to expect etc. As it was we did have these conversations anyway, but if we were slightly less confident then it might have been easy not really to talk to anyone. On the other hand, I suppose that is all part of the experience, and had we not approached couples, we may have been approached ourselves. Thank you once again. We would certainly like to be considered in the future.~
[First time couple 23 & 19]

Just wanted to say thank you so much for a great party on Saturday night – it was by far my favourite one you’ve thrown at that venue – great people, fantastic music and perfect atmosphere. We were so pleased we made it. If possible, please could you connect us with [deleted] and [deleted]? We’ve known {deleted] for a while and they introduced us to [deleted] on Saturday – we were too tired to go back and party with them but would like to get in touch and say how much we enjoyed their company. Thanks so much. Good luck on the next venue search – hope it doesn’t take too long!
[Regular couple 32 & 30]

Just wanted to drop you a line to thank you for a lovely party. It was very well organised, we have a great time even with first time nerves! Look forward to the next event!
[First time couple 33 & 26]

I was made to feel really welcome by staff and guests alike and it was a really easy experience for a single girl. Thank you for making the experience available, I had a great time and would love to come again. With regards to feedback, I had initially been concerned that there would not be enough boy availability and I was pleasantly surprised by the very open nature of most couples. I was a little tired on the night so though I started early was not able to carry on as long as I’d wanted to, but that’s something I can rectify next time. thanks again for providing a truly great experience.
[First time single woman 34]

Thanks for hosting a great party. I had a tremendous time…truly loved it!I hope you find a venue soon, cannot wait for the next one.I look forward to hearing from you soon.
[First time single woman 35]

This is [female partner] writing to you. What can I say, all I can say I am happy that I chose Fever as my eye opener to this new experience. I loved it 🙂 and I would definitely love to “cum” to your parties again, hehehehehe. On a serious note yes we loved it, the venue you have chosen was great:) The music was amazing and it was everything I would have wanted and more:) Keep up the good work and I can’t wait for your next one:)
[First time couple 34 & 28]

Thanks for your phone message, and concern. I did indeed get home safely,though can’t exactly remember how (in a cab with another couple, as Irecall!) so hope the confusion was not caused by me. It was good to meet you and I had a great time, will definitely be back! Keep me posted as to events to come x
[First time single woman 27]

We both had a fab night on saturday, everything was fantastic, the venue, the music, the people. Everyone was really friendly and we would both love to be considered for priority parties in the future. Thanks for a great night. Ps – you didnt happen to find any diamonte hoop earrings when clearing up did you ?
[New couple 33 & 25]

We had a fantastic time last saturday, it really was all we had hoped for and more.
[First time couple 28 & 24]