After our blow out 10th Birthday party at the end of January, we switched to low gear for St Valentine’s night. Forty-four couples and three single girls turned down the lights and lit up the candles for a slo-mo evening of champagne, chocolate and sweet seduction.

Through the gigantic two-storey windows 330 feet up, the panorama of skyscrapers made London look like Chicago or Singapore while our sound track moved into romantic mode with love songs and slow dances to the clink of sparkling champagne flutes.

The soft, sensual vibe was ideal for couples trying swinging for the first time. That can be an anxious experience. But with so many couples needing to share their lurve and single women making Valentine’s presents of themselves to appreciative couples, there were many perfectly soft landings on the heavenly body of Planet Fever.

The party ended with a breathtaking performance that no-one who saw it will forget: against the bejewelled vista of London at night, an athletic female partygoer danced naked on her rollerblades to Gloria Gaynor’s I Will Survive .




We thoroughly enjoyed the party and met some fantastic people. I was surprised at how friendly and stunning looking everyone was as well as the genral great fashion sense of all the guests. I felt very relaxed as the venue was beautiful and every possible whim had been catered for. The champange lasted a perfect amoutn of time. The waiters were friendly and never let my glass empty for the first hour which was great. The main thing I thought made it special was the ambience – the candies dotted arond, the complete spotlessness of the place (at one point I remember thinking how damm clean the floors were) the candles and the soft lighting. They really stood out to me as what made it so comfortable as well as the general professionalism of you and your staff. Thank you very much for the experience, we will most definitely be coming to another of your parties. It was a pleasure to meet you,
[First time couple 30 & 29, female partner]


Would like to thank you so very much for possibly one of the best nights in my life! As only my 2nd feverparty there becoming accdictive. Have meet some really fun people and love coming to your parties. I’m disappointed to say that i will not be able to make it to your final party as i will be in New York, bad timing on my behalf. Once again thankyou for the wicked experiences i have had at your parties. Looking forward to the next!
[Regular couple 34 & 25, female partner]


Thanks for yet another great party. We left at around 5 a.m. and headed to a little after-party with people we met that night.
[Regular couple 34 & 25, male partner]


It was great to meet you last Saturday and put a face to the name, everyone we met was really nice and it made us feel comfortable at our first party. We really enjoyed our evening, overall our experience was exciting and left us wanting more.
[First time couple 25 & 23]


We had an excellent evening. Your selection process is outstanding and we felt at ease with all your guest. We have been to 3 other parties and they lack this special and important quality. Again, it was wonderful. Many thanks. Please can you put us forward for future parties as we shall want more soon.
[New couple 35 & 29]


thank you very much for organising such a great party again. It’s amazing to see how much care you dedicate to every little detail. The venue was really impressive and the guests were smart and beautiful as always! I really hope to come back with [female partner] as soon as possible!
[Regular couple from Luxembourg, 32 & 29]


Thanks for a wonderful night! We had great fun. We would love to be considered for the next one. [Female partner] would also like you to thank [Fever host] for her…he certainly finished off a good evening!
[First time couple 35 & 25]


We had a great time on Saturday, probably the party we’ve enjoyed the most – not that we’ve been to that many though. Thought the venue was great and not a bad word to say about it or anybody there, though very surprised at how little girl/girl action was going on. We spent most of the evening with just one couple – [First time couple names deleted] – and they’re the reason we enjoyed the party so much, really lovely pair.
[Regular couple 36 & 36]


[Female partner] and I really enjoyed ourselves at the party and would definitely come back for another. We can’t honestly think of anything that needed improving – the setting was great and the people were attractive and fun. We would have liked more single girls but that is just us being greedy! We look forward ot future news of more parties.
[New couple 35 & 28]


We had a fantastic time last Saturday, our first swinging experience. Amazingly naughty and very aesthetically pleasing group of people. Loved the venue, staff were so polite and really good fun. Can’t wait to party with you again. We loved every minute of it and would like to attend the next party on the 23 February. What is the procedure when applying for a second party? Do we need to go through the application process again or can we simply pay for the relevant party online?
[First time couple 36 & 38]


Both me and [female partner] just wanted to thank you for hosting an excellent evening on Saturday night. We both really enjoyed ourselves and hope to join you again when I’m back in the country in the future. Much luck looking for a suitable venue- I will give it some thought and mention it to a few contacts who may be able to help. There is one extremely wealthy friend I have in mind but I’d need to persuade him and his partner to go to one of your events first. This whole world is very new to us and we’re keen to look into it more.
[First time couple 27 & 26]