Single Females at Fever


Attending a swingers party as a single female is not as unusual as one might presume. Bisexual fantasies, seeking a new adventure, curiousness about sexuality or group sex – all reasons a girl may chose to dip her toe in the water.

There’s a variety of reasons why a girl may prefer to attend alone rather than with a partner – perhaps she wants to try out a fantasy involving a group of men, or exploring her sexuality and making new girl friends in a more intimate, sexual atmosphere, kissing and being intimate with another girl, wearing out half a dozen horny men, becoming the object of desire for a gorgeous couple, or even end up spending the rest of the weekend with them (it has been known!) – it’s entirely up to you and the beauty is that no one will ever find out!

Your sexual confidence will grow in leaps and bounds once you’ve explored your own fantasies in the flesh; perhaps you have an overbearing partner who sub-consciously affects your persuasions or conduct. At the very least, you should enjoy an incredibly sexy and taboo (and most importantly, safe) evening. The atmosphere is completely unpressured; no means no and will always mean no. Fever go to great lengths to promote this doctrine.

The feeling of liberation that comes with attending an adult party alone is truly amazing – even without the physical sexual side of things, you’ll find that the atmosphere alone is enough to set your nerves tingling – perhaps a little apprehensively at first! Both the organisers and the invitees will understand this and do their best to alleviate any hesitation you may be feeling. Fever’s hospitality is superb; you’ll find the hosts’ welcoming attitude very reassuring and the free bar should help you to relax.

For a girl, physical preparation is likely to be a very important factor. A tidy bikini line, exfoliation and a sexy new hair do all work wonders. Choose something sleek, sexy and comfortable to wear. It helps if it’s easy to slip out of. After a couple of glasses of wine it’s easy to discard clothing too enthusiastically – try and remember where you’ve flung that microscopic g-string else you could be going home Commando style.

If you’re intending to have fun with men at the party, it’s a good idea to slip a few condoms in your handbag; Fever provide them but it might be more sexy/discreet if you can produce one more quickly. Lippy and concealer/face powder also come in handy for touching up your make-up following that post-orgasm flush. Feminine hygiene tissues to stay feeling fresh all night, and some pennies for the taxi home are also a good idea. Try not to bring excessive amounts of cash or ATM cards to Fever – you won’t need any money apart from your travel home thanks to the free bar and it’s always best to travel light.

For me, the hardest bit was knocking on the door on arrival – all the nitty gritty details such as choosing what underwear to wear and sorting out transport to and from will seem to fade into insignificance as you contemplate whether to press the buzzer … or turn and run, preferring to spend a night in with a good book instead. Bite the bullet – unless you try, you will never know. And if the worst comes to the worst and you find it’s not for you within minutes of being there, you can always leave early and you’ve lost nothing.

Expect to be treated with a mixture of genuinely pleasant surprise and respect from the couples you meet at a party. They will admire your bravado and might envy the feeling of liberation that comes with being an unaccompanied (and therefore unrestricted!) single girl at a swingers’ party.

You’ll most likely be inundated with introductions and will doubtless make a lot of new friends which is fantastic, but there is a caution to heed. Don’t be tempted to concentrate too much time on one particular couple (unless of course you are so attracted to them that you simply can’t tear yourself away). Make a concerted effort to circulate the room – a few polite rejections will stand you in good stead for a night filled with variety and spice – don’t lose sight of what you came here for. Lingering with an overly-keen couple for too long purely because you don’t want to hurt their feelings doesn’t reconcile with the whole ethos of experimentation.

It might even be worth running through in your head just how to word a few polite rejections both in the lounge and also on the bed. “I’m sorry, I’m not keen on that” “Perhaps a little later on?” “Why don’t we just chill out for a bit in here first and carry on later…” are all reasonable. On the flip side of the coin, it can be just as hard to know how to phrase a proposition if there’s a couple you’ve got your eye on. General questions such as “Have you been here before?” “What brings you here?” “What are you into?” or “Have you been into the bedrooms yet… shall we have a look around?” are all non-pushy and may provoke the invitation you’re looking for. Some may prefer the more purposeful approach with sexier, more direct language.

Once inside, take a look around. Familiarise yourself with the venue and feel free to check out if there’s any activity going on in the bedrooms. It’s perfectly ok to watch, in fact many couples and single females find this a huge turn-on and a fantastic build up to whatever they get up to later. If you are feeling quite self-conscious you might feel more comfortable playing in the smaller bedrooms initially – the larger rooms may seem very dynamic for a first-timer. The image of dozens of naked bodies writhing around the beds in all sorts of positions is breathtaking and overwhelming. It takes time to acclimatise to what’s going on around you. Take your time and enjoy it for what it is. If/when you decide that you’d like to join in, feel free to participate gradually. You might begin by gently stroking a female on the bed who is being penetrated by a man. Eye contact might follow, a sexy smile and an invitation to lie next to her, still stroking her thighs or breasts or taking things a step further. Everyone does it differently – follow your instinct and always remember that you can take time out at any point.

The morning after the Fever party is an interesting one for a single female. Personally I awoke with a mild hangover and the feeling of “Wow… did that really happen?” The experience was so totally different to anything I’d ever tried before, that for the next couple of days it was all I could think about. My emotions were similar to that of a naughty schoolgirl who had stolen some sweets and got away with it – no one knew and it was great! An “I-know-something-you-don’t-know” grin probably adorned my face for a while after the party and as I ran the events and images of what happened over in my mind, I couldn’t help but start dreaming up what I wanted to expand on and try next time. “Next time” may not be for you; this too is totally normal. A quenched thirst is still a satisfied one. The very fact that a single female is confident enough in herself to try the Fever experience should accentuate her elation and self-esteem. And if it’s not for her, that’s fine. At least she’s tried it in one of the sexiest, safest environments.

You might be spurred on to going to a Fever party alone since you will be completely anonymous to the other couples. If for any reason Fever isn’t your cup of tea, you can quite happily trot off home without fear of reprisal. If your curiosity remains unsatisfied at the end of the night for whatever reason (e.g. simply not having met the right couple whom you felt comfortable getting too intimate with), don’t despair. If all else fails, you will still come away with an increased sense of sexual confidence and self awareness which would have taken a long time to nurture under normal circumstances.


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