Midsummer Night Party – 21 June 2014

Our Midsummer Night Party was on 21 June 2014 in a central London nightclub that we took over for the evening. 115 couples and 6 single girls mingled and danced for a while and then had group sex for four hours. Lots of new couples could not believe their eyes – and joined in to make sure it was really true!


• Wow just wow! What an amazing party it was a blast. Beyond what we dreamed off! We hoped it would be something like this but it was 10times better, Music and the atmosphere in the play zone was perfect. it was so much fun! We can’t wait to come again! Thans for having us at the party!

[Couple from the Netherlands, 30 & 28]

• Such a good night on Saturday, lovely attractive people, can’t wait for the next one! Would love another invite. [New couple 28 & 22]

• WOW! The party last weekend was everything we could have hoped for and more. The whole event was perfect & all your staff made us feel so welcome & comfortable as first timers. We were extremely nervous at the beginning, but have now definitely caught the bug and can’t wait for the next event. It was a pleasure to meet you in person and it was fantastic to meet so many likeminded, friendly, attractive people. Many thanks for everything. Hope to see you soon. Thanks So much xx

[First time couple, 33 & 28]

• Thanks you for hosting such a great night. We were made to feel very relaxed despite being a first time couple. We were amazed by the play room, it’s amazing to see everyone drawn to it. We played a small amount with another couple, but remained fairly reserved. Hopefully next time we will be a little less shy and will get properly stuck in. Which leads me to my question: Will we automatically be invited to the next event, or does it require us to reapply via the website. I appreciated you probably get a lot of questions, so any response will be appreciated.

[First time couple, 27 & 26]

• When’s the next party, yesterday was so hot. I’ve never seen anything like it, and everyone was in good shape.

[First time couple, 26 & 25]

• Just wanted to say thank you for organising Saturday party. It’s only been our second fever party and again it exceeded our expectations. The venue was great, even better than in February, ideal for fever parties and standard of people as ever excellent. We’ve been to killing kittens party, but fever is by far the best out there. Thanks again and hope to see you again soon.

[Regular couple, 35 & 32]

• Thought I’d send an email whilst last night is still fresh in my mind (and my legs still a little wobbly). Just wanted to say a massive thank you for being so welcoming and laid back. I had been to a house party before with a then-boyfriend, but this was my first time as a single female and at a club night. The venue was in a great location and was pretty funky – myself and some new friends made the balcony area an extra playroom when we couldn’t find space on the big bed. The music was great too and all the Fever staff were really polite and genuinely caring. Loved the idea of the optional glow stick for single ladies, I was lucky to chat to several interesting couples and singles and the glow stick definitely made a conversation starter! Maybe next time I’ll come for the single ladies meet up to chat to some more ladies before heading in. The only mildly negative comments I can make are that it was ridiculously hot (although you probably get this at most Fever parties) and that there wasn’t much room in the big bed room once it got to a certain time of night (again, you probably get this at most venues). All in all a really fantastic evening with a good mix of people – just wish I’d had more time to chat to more people, I couldn’t believe how quickly time went by! Thanks again, will be seeing you at the next one!

[Single female, 28]

• all we want to say is WOW. We wish we could be still in the playroom! I still can’t believe that 80{de0e700efb291c2aec33cd5e24507c8f95e5229b49bb3a46af533857a42bcd43} of people came with such mindset. Cannot wait for the next one!

[First time couple, 30 & 27]