Fever House Parties

House parties take place in residential locations on Saturdays and drinks are included in the price. These are the parties that made Fever famous.


We have held house parties in an astonishing variety of places including plush country houses in Surrey and Dorset; a lottery-winners’ villa in Ibiza; a Nash terraced house in Regent’s Park; a funky bachelor pad in Brick Lane; luxury flats in the new river developments; a private island in the Thames; a 30th floor duplex in Canary Wharf; a hilltop residence in Brighton with indoor pool; and mansions flats and houses throughout fashionable central London and the West End including two former embassies and the set of a famous film.


House parties open with a champagne reception and run a free bar all night with the usual beers, wines and spirits. We organize beautifully prepared playrooms with plenty of space for everyone to have fun. As the centerpiece we create our signature big bed (usually 162 sq ft but sometimes bigger) where dozens of people can enact the most amazing scenes. But we always make sure there are small quieter spots for those who prefer more intimate encounters.


When we party in the West End we lay on the Fever limo. For a small extra charge, it chauffeurs gaggles of cavorting couples in relays through the crowd-thronged streets of London, bringing mobile mini-orgies to Piccadilly Circus and Shaftesbury Avenue. Only tinted glass separates partying squads of Fever’s girls and guys from the capital’s Saturday night drinkers and clubbers.


It’s unusual for a house party not to have anyone making a special trip from abroad. People have flown from all over the world just to be at Fever. Not just for the upmarket venues or the young and attractive partygoers. Swingers come to us for the unique inclusive vibe that captivates everyone and guarantees sizzling scenes.


If you are an adventurous, slim and attractive couple or a sexy single female and you are under 40, you could join us at the next party. The first step is to register here.