The clubs and the adult beach are very far from the only swinging opportunities at Cap.


The clubs can be quite expensive if you go often and sometimes there is either not much action going on or it can be difficult to connect with other couples. However, action is guaranteed at the Foam Party.


Held from 2pm-7pm every afternoon of the season, it takes place in an outside area of Le Glamour. Strictly couples-only and strictly naked-only, what the French call the Party Mousse costs only €20 a couple, with your drinks on top from the two bars (with slow service).


There’s a dance area, a socialising area with beds and sofas (where the shaded ones are highly prized) and a jacuzzi the size of a small pool with an island in the middle. Once the DJ gets the vibe in its stride and there’s a decent crowd on the dancefloor, a 10ft depth of foam is dumped on it every few minutes. You can easily be subsumed with your height again of foam piled up over your head. People slide and grope in the whiteout, splash each other with it, chase around and generally have a laugh. It has a wonderful icebreaking effect and by mid afternoon there are couples, foursomes and groups fucking and sucking in the foam, on the bar, in the pool (only sucking allowed) and all over the seating area.


It’s a brilliant concept and somehow it’s easier to make new friends in the lighthearted atmosphere of the Foam Party than in the nightclubs where people can take themselves seriously.


Jardin de Babylone and Jardin d’Eden are two condominium-style apartment blocks each with a private pool, hot tub, bar and restaurant. They are strictly couples-only with key fob access so that no-one can walk in unless accompanied by a resident. Couples often fuck around the pools in the afternoon and early evening, sometimes joining up with those lying next to them. One afternoon every week of the season they hold pool parties (Babylone on Wednesday, Eden on Friday). Open to non-residents, they can be fantastically upbeat happenings with people dancing in and around the pools which can be smoking with dry ice, while others have sex on the beds behind them.



There is a growing trend for party organisers from elsewhere in Europe and groups of friends from the same swinging club to run private parties while they are in Cap. These parties can be where some of the hottest action is to be found. Scour your favourite swingers contact sites to find them.