In Cap you see people doing all the things they would do in a normal town centre: eating in bistros, taking money out of a hole in the wall, choosing clothes in shops, drinking in cafes and bars, walking, cycling and driving – while completely naked. What’s more they may well have children with them, from toddlers to teenagers.


The etiquette is to carry a towel or wrap with you and put it on any seat before you sit down – for obvious hygiene reasons.


Technically, nudity is obligatory. In practice you often notice the odd woman wearing a thong or some people wearing T-shirts or wraps but not bottoms to give their shoulders are respite from the sun. Occasionally children, especially teenagers, are more modest than their parents. Most people wear clothes when it’s cold or windy and everyone wears clothes in the evening to go out to dinner or clubbing.


Although there is public nudity on a vast scale in the daytime, evenings are more astonishing because they are less expected. People wear their sexiest gear and can walk around in clubwear, lycra and PVC creations, straps, chains and even leather that often reveal their piercings both above and below – and they may still be with the kids.


If you don’t have the stuff don’t worry, there are plenty of shops in the complex. A lot of French swinging clubwear isn’t really available in Britain anyway, especially not the menswear. However do brace yourself, the prices can be eye-watering.