There are five types of accommodation in Cap: apartments; villas; campsite; hotel; and speciality swinger residences. You can also choose to stay off-site and commute in daily.


The campus is dominated by three very large concrete apartment buildings called Heliopolis, Port Nature and Port Ambonne. Each has an outdoor pool and a “commercial centre” (Port Nature has two) with shops and restaurants. These are far bigger than any structures in the textile part of Cap and make the Naturist Quarter much more densely populated than the rest of the resort – which helps give it its buzz.



These vary in size but tend to be small. Some are studios with pulldown beds and tiny galley kitchens. Most others have just one bedroom. Companies maintain their apartments to different standards but they all have balconies and their views down the coast can be very good. The time when most apartments were showing their age with yellowing plastic sinks and other 70s era fittings is passing. Many owners now make considerable efforts to upgrade and even theme their properties.



This distinctive building is three quarters of a circle 1 km in circumference. It is divided into sections and moving clockwise from the beach these are C, D, E, F, G, H, Natura Beach (a segment of the arc built after the rest), I, K, L, AB,O. Port Nature (pronounced the French way as na-choor) is long and slightly Y-shaped. It is divided into sections called collines (French for hillock) numbered 1 to 8 beginning at the beach end. Port Ambonne has a semicircular residential block above a shopping parade, all curling around a central swimming pool. The shops have a garden on the roof for the use of residents.



Natureva Spa is a newer health-themed apartment block near the entrance to the campus. Le Riad is a Moorish-themed block of apartments and villas next to Port Ambonne. There are two apartment blocks in the quiet area on the far side of the marina. The bigger one is Port Soleil, the smaller and further away is Port Venus (the residence, not the village).



Villas tend to be bigger than apartments and more viable for self catering. They usually have one or two bedrooms and a small patio area attached so you can eat outdoors. Most of them are clustered in Helio Village (next to Heliopolis) and Port Nature Village. There is also a maze of smaller villa developments on the other side of the marina in the vicinity of Port Soleil called Port Venus Village, El Pueblo, Cap Sauvage and Les Jardins du Palmeraie. Some of these are bigger – even duplex – and there are small private pools and hot tubs.


The campsite

The Oltra campsite huge and was the original Cap D’Adge nudist location before any of the resort was built. The owner is the Rene Oltra company, whose founder owned the original farmland, and the site is often referred to simply as Oltra.


The company keeps the campsite immaculate and well secured. It runs in “Allees” parallel to the beach. Nearest the beach is Allee Mer, then Plage, then Dune, then Nature, before the alphabet starts at A and runs through to O. Many of the plots have mobile homes or caravans permanently sited and there are also chalets you can rent. There are over 2500 plots on the site, which has its own secure swipe-card procedures for vehicles and entry checks after dark.


You can actually buy plots on the campsite, either vacant for camping or with a mobile home on them, although you also pay a monthly service charge.


Hotel Eve

Eve is the original hotel on the campus and is tucked out of the way amongst the smaller apartment blocks behind the marina. People often use it if they have a loose night before or after a flight or if they are popping to Cap for just a couple of days. Others have been known to spend their whole holiday there.


Swingers Accommodation

Swingers use all these types of accommodation. In fact most swingers do, as well as staying off-site (as some of the villas available in textile Cap have a garden and even a small swimming pool). However since the middle of the 2000s, accommodation that is specifically swinger-friendly has been built in the complex. There are two couples-only apartment blocks with private pools – Jardin d’Eden and Jardin de Babylon – and a hotel that although not couples-only, facilitates sex in the recreational areas (Hotel Oz’inn).