Enter a realm of
passion unbound

WELCOME TO FEVER London's steamiest secret, Fever is the UK's original and most authentic upmarket sex party. Daring young couples and vivacious single girls from all over the world have been sharing each other at Fever since 1998. Internationally renowned for high production values, strict admittance standards and searingly libidinous scenarios. MORE ABOUT FEVER
OUR PARTIES Our intimate sensual ambiance banishes inhibition and unleashes scenes of shameless passion. Our upmarket House Parties grace plush venues, with a fully stocked complementary bar, champagne reception and lavish playspace. Our upbeat Club Parties takeover a London bar or nightclub and fill it with horny young libertines dancing to a hot DJ and mixing it up in a fully equipped playroom. Hours of spontaneous orgiastic indulgence erupts at both. OUR PARTIES
EXPLORE OUR WORLD Sexy and good-looking young couples and single woman under 40 may be admitted to taste our forbidden fruits. Every Fever Party welcomes first-timers as well as seasoned partygoers. We reserve place for new faces and travellers from overseas. Dedicated to debauchery with discretion, we vet partygoers for age, looks and bona fides. APPLY FOR A PARTY